Cassper Nyovest wrote a heartfelt birthday message to his son, Khotso.

Cassper Nyovest, the hip-hop superstar, recently sent a sweet shoutout into the digital universe for his little sidekick, Khotso. Yup, you guessed it, his tiny tot just turned three! Cassper took to social media, the modern-day town square, and showed off a cute pic of his mini-me. He even spilled some heartfelt beans about how this little munchkin turned his world upside down in the best way.

Now, Cassper’s not one to hold back the feels. He talked about how time flew by, like it had wings on its sneakers. He called Khotso the coolest kid in town (we wonder if he has a tiny pair of shades). Cassper didn’t stop there; he set some big goals for the little fella. He wants him to be kind, down-to-earth, humble, empathetic, and loyal. Sounds like Cassper’s aiming for the World’s Greatest Dad award, right?

Let’s hop in the time machine back to September 2020. That’s when Cassper and Thobeka celebrated their son’s arrival. Imagine, while they were announcing their bundle of joy, Cassper was also dropping an album. Talk about double excitement!

Fast forward to today, Cassper gave a virtual high-five to Thobeka on Instagram. He praised her parenting skills and thanked her for giving him the “bestest” son. He threw in some giggles about funny things Khotso said. Oh, and he made sure to sprinkle some love and appreciation for Thobeka. Nice one, Cassper!

Now, here’s where the trolls waltz into the story. Social media, the land of mysteries and trolls, right? They posted a pic of Cassper cradling a baby, but they got their wires crossed. They thought it was Khotso when, in reality, it was just a random cute kid. Some even claimed this kiddo looked like someone named Andile Mpisane.

Cassper didn’t take kindly to this. He hopped on Twitter and unleashed his frustration. He called out the trolls for picking on an innocent child, and he didn’t mince words. He even felt for the actual dad of the kiddo, who must’ve felt the burn of Twitter’s hot takes.

And guess what? The real dad joined the Twitter fray too. He clarified that the cute baby was not Cassper’s offspring and pointed out that spreading such rumors could wreck marriages. Imagine the chaos if folks started assuming things about your loved ones. So, let’s remember, folks, not every cute baby in Cassper’s arms is Khotso!

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