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Blending Old and New Fashion: The Timeless Trend Making a Comeback

Fashion has evolved from the time people started to wear cloth to tailor-made clothes, but old fashion has remained timeless as it repeatedly bounces back on the scene.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards blending old and new fashion. This can be seen in various aspects of life, including fashion, music, and even food.

The idea is to take classic, timeless styles and pair them with modern elements to create something unique and fresh.

Old  and new fashion are being blended to create a look that is both classic and contemporary. This can be seen in the revival of vintage styles, such as the 1920s flapper look or the 1950s pinup style.

These classic styles are being updated with modern twists, such as adding a temporary color palette or incorporating new fabrics and materials. Of late, teens and young adults have reverted to the 1990s, 1980s, and sometimes 1970s fashion styles.

Blending Old and New Fashion: The Timeless Trend Making a Comeback

The main influencers of this move are mostly designers.

Current trending designs like Fear of God, Off White, Vans, off-the-wall Gucci, Louis Viton, Balenciaga, and the Yeezy brand have brought back those 1970s and 1990s hippie lifestyles.

Like the old days when fashion was prevalent, surely there are no new things under the same old-school fashion sense that is resurfacing and gaining momentum.

Locally, designs from Tinotenda Matayi of Hatiperi, Bakari, and one of the co-founders of Fabrik Party, Ulenni Okandlovu, have brought such timeless and classic looks.

The new trends in fashion are designs made in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, but now they are back on the market and making waves in the streets. The 1970s style, known as the disco era, was about shimmery fabrics, sky-high silhouettes, and glittering jewelry. They said back in the 1970s, “By changing your costume, you changed your identity.”

The 1970s style is back now, as girls, mostly teens and young adults, are now wearing jumpsuits. Jumpsuits were both worn by girls and boys in the 1970s, but now only girls wear them. They say the style is timeless and unique.

One fashion enthusiast says, “It is unique; you just put it on, maybe with your flat sandals, and you will definitely glow.” In the 1980s, the style known for sports and fitness wear was leggings and baggy tops.

The style was introduced by an American, Norma Kamali, in the late 1970s but became popular in the 1980s.

. Today the style is more popular among girls and boys, especially the ones that go to the gym. In the 1990s, the style was mainly influenced by hip-hop music.

The same as today.

The style is mainly influenced by hip-hop. In the 1990s, they used to wear baggy jeans, graphic t-shirts (graphic tees), bucket hats, windbreakers, etc.

Today, artists use oversized graphic tees to promote their albums and brands and boost sales. For example, many hip-hop stars, such as Voltz JT and Tanto Wavie, have sold merchandise along with their albums. In an interview with a local upcoming designer, Tiana Muchena said: “Everyone has a sense of style, even if you don’t know it yet. I think that old-school clothing is a fun and easy way to standout.” They are timeless.

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