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Actor Mbuso Khoza (Bab’ Maphalala) exits #Umkhokha:The Curse. 😭Has he been fired?

The departure of well-known South African actor and singer Mbuso Khoza from Mzansi Magic’s telenovela, Umkhokha: The Curse, where he portrays the character Babu Maphalala, has left his fans devastated.

Insiders from Umkhokha: The Curse revealed that Mbuso Khoza decided to leave the show to focus on his podcast, as reported by Zimoja. His podcast, named Ndabezitha, aims to address cultural issues primarily affecting the Zulu community.

In response to his departure, Khoza expressed gratitude towards Dr. Duma Ndlovu for his involvement in the religious telenovela, stating that he never imagined himself on television, let alone performing. He emphasized that he has no regrets and feels blessed for the opportunity that Umkhokha has provided, which revitalized his vocal career.

According to Sunday World, Khoza was initially part of the Umkhokha series and returned when it transitioned into a telenovela. He also contributed to the show’s musical compositions.

Aside from his involvement in Umkhokha, Khoza is known for his global travels for concerts and cultural events. He is recognized not only as a vocalist but also as a theatre producer and cultural practitioner.

Following his character’s departure from the screen, Khoza provided an explanation for leaving the faith-based telenovela.

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