MoTswana woman hanged alive in Bangladesh for smuggling drugs.

In recent reports, it has come to light that Lesedi Molapisi, a woman from Botswana, faced execution in Bangladesh today. Her apprehension took place earlier this year after she was accused of smuggling heroin into the country.

The incident unfolded when Molapisi landed at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh, having disembarked from a Qatar Airways flight originating in South Africa on January. She was attired in all-white and wore a medical mask upon her arrival via Doha.

Unbeknownst to Molapisi, her entrance coincided with an alert regarding the airport being exploited for narcotics smuggling. Law enforcement in Bangladesh apprehended her in the “Green Channel,” designed for passengers with no luggage to declare. Upon searching her luggage, authorities discovered 3 kilograms of concealed heroin.

During her arrest, the deputy commissioner of Customs, Sanuwarul Kabir, mentioned that there was initial information about cocaine smuggling. However, officials from the Department of Narcotics Control later confirmed the seized substance as heroin, and samples were to be sent for laboratory testing.

Speculations about Molapisi’s impending execution for drug smuggling circulated on social media, with news surfacing on Friday. While the execution could not be independently confirmed, it is crucial to note that Bangladesh maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards drug trafficking.

Individuals found guilty of various drug-related offenses, including illegally cultivating, producing, transporting, exporting, or importing heroin, cocaine, and cocaine derivatives in amounts exceeding 25 grams or milliliters, face the death penalty.

Adding to the unfolding story, a prominent social media personality from Botswana shared a video illustrating the execution methods for drug smugglers in Bangladesh. This personality was the first to break the news of Molapisi’s alleged execution on Friday, further highlighting the gravity of the situation.

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