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Mzansi Soapie Actors Who Hate Each Other 

Soapie writers in Mzansi had a way of portraying hate in their storylines that had their viewers hooked. Some viewers found themselves relating and learning from the characters who hated each other. Here was a top-five list of actors who hated each other on-screen.

Mzansi Soapie Actors Who Hated Each Other

Faith Zwide and Onalerona (House of Zwide)

Faith Zwide first hated the young intern Onalerona just because she was more talented than her children. The beef worsened when she discovered that Onalerona was her husband, Funani Zwide’s biological daughter, who she thought was dead after getting her and her mother killed years back.

Would this hate be squashed between these two actors, and what would happen when Onalerona found out what happened to her mother when she was a baby and what the man she believed to be her father did?

Onalerona and Faith – Photo credit (Instagram)

Zandile and Precious (Durban Gen)

Theirs was a typical story of friends turned enemies and how a friend could want your life to the extent of hating her and trying to steal it. Zandile and Precious, both doctors in Durban General Hospital, were best friends until Zandile had an affair with Thabo, who was Precious’s husband.

After that secret affair came out and Thabo refused to continue the love affair with Zandile after the cleansing ceremony, Zandile became desperate and started to hate Precious, then came up with the plan to reveal the biological father of the baby (who was her brother-in-law Sbusiso). Their intense hate for each other had very deadly consequences as it broke a family apart when a brother fought his brother.

Precious and Zandile – Photo credit (Instagram)

Mbali and Lindelani (Durban Gen)

Everyone loved a love-hate relationship. These two actors portrayed how two people could love each other and equally hate each other intensely. They went from having a severe hate work relationship to having a steamy affair behind Sbusiso’s back, which almost led to marriage but was cut off when Mbali fell sick.

Lindelani then tried to stop Mbali’s marriage to Sbusiso but failed, leading back to their hostile work relationship again. When things became tragic at the Dlamini’s, would Mbali find her way back to Lindelani’s arms, or was this just yet another beef that could never be squashed? There was surely a thin line between love and hate.

Mbali and Lindelani – Photo credit (Instagram)

Sibling Rivalry

Azwindini and Mulalo (Muvhango)

We could not talk about on-screen hate without mentioning the rivalry between these actors who were brothers in Muvhango. Their hate was the very example of how the love for power and money could ruin relationships. Azwindini and Mulalo hated each other mainly because of the Chiefdom in the Mukwevho family. Mulalo even went to extreme lengths, like tricking everyone into appointing him as chief with the help of his wife.

To keep this secret, they even killed, which then led to events that resulted in Teboho’s imprisonment and left Mulalo near-death and trying to save face with his family. Azwindini was not moved by his brother’s situation and threw him out of the royal home. Was there any hope for these two brothers at all?

Azwindini and Mlalo – Photo credit (Instagram)

Zithulele and Nkululekho (Imbewu – The Seed)

These two actors portrayed brothers who hated like no other in this drama about a family with many secrets and lies. Nkululeko and Zithulele’s rivalry varied from hating each other over their father’s inheritance to fighting over Nokuzola (Zithulele’s wife, also Nkululeko’s ex).

Secrets, lies, and betrayal kept coming between these two brothers. Would their relationship be like their fathers’ relationship, which was based on deception and going around each other’s backs?

Zithulelo and Nhululeko – Photo credit (Instagram)

Due to how well they could imitate their characters, these actors had most viewers confused about whether they hated each other in their offscreen lives.

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