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Kabza de Small is gone

Kabza De Small, renowned as one of South Africa’s finest Amapiano producers, has carved his name into the country’s music scene with a slew of hit songs. Collaborating with top vocalists like Ami Faku and Young Stunna, he’s etched his musical genius into the hearts of many, amassing a massive following.

One popular blogger head the following to share on Twitter now known as X. He said: “Kabza de small is gone” with crying emojis as shown on the picture below: The caption has sent fans into a sombre state.

But in the midst of his musical prowess, a narrative about his personal life, specifically his relationship with alcohol, has begun to emerge, stirring concerns and conversations among his dedicated fan base.

Kabza’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of spectacular. His impeccable production skills have propelled him to the forefront of Amapiano, a genre celebrated for its fusion of various electronic music elements with a unique South African flair. With hit after hit, he’s become a household name, and his collaborations with other industry giants have only added to his acclaim.

However, it’s not just his musical talents that have kept fans talking. Kabza’s personal life and appearance have been under scrutiny, particularly his apparent affinity for alcohol. It’s no secret that he often holds a cup of beer in his hand, even during studio sessions. His openness about his enjoyment of alcoholic beverages has sparked both admiration and concern among his followers.

In a recent Instagram video, Kabza’s barber shared a glimpse of the artist before a haircut. While the video was intended to showcase the transformation of his hairstyle, it ended up revealing something that left fans deeply worried. The caption read, “Every King Needs Legendary Haircut 🎹 Get yours at Nearest Legends Barbers 🇿🇦🇳🇦🇱🇸🇧🇼,” but it was Kabza’s demeanor that caught everyone’s attention.


In the video, as Kabza De Small sat patiently for his haircut, he held a cup of beer in his hand, as he so often does. For fans, this was a familiar sight. It raised questions about his relationship with alcohol and its potential impact on his health and well-being.

Kabza’s alcohol consumption has been a point of discussion for some time now. Fans have expressed concerns about his habit, fearing that it may have adverse effects on his life and career. Despite his undeniable talent, there is a prevailing sentiment among his supporters that he should consider reducing his alcohol intake for the sake of his future.

It’s important to note that Kabza’s alcohol consumption has not appeared to hinder his creative output. He continues to produce chart-topping hits and maintain a significant presence in the music industry. However, it’s the long-term consequences of excessive alcohol consumption that have many fans worried.

A few weeks prior to the haircut video, Kabza found himself in hot water when he shared pictures of himself wearing a Muslim-like outfit while holding a cup of beer. This seemingly irreverent juxtaposition drew ire from the Muslim community and sparked debates about cultural sensitivity and respect. Yet, for Kabza, it was a reflection of his personal style and the freedom he enjoys in expressing himself through fashion.

As the video of Kabza’s pre-haircut moments went viral, fans couldn’t help but voice their concerns. Some emphasized his age, pointing out that at 30, he should consider a more responsible approach to alcohol consumption. Comments like, “Kabza should stop drinking. Yoh, he’s only 30,” highlighted the worry many felt about his drinking habits.

Others expressed more dire concerns, fearing for his health and future. The comment, “Alcohol will finish this guy,” reflected the belief that continued heavy drinking could jeopardize his career and well-being. It’s evident that fans deeply care for Kabza and want to see him thrive, but they’re also genuinely worried about the path he’s currently on.

Amidst the concerns, there was still an overwhelming sense of admiration and support for the artist. Comments like, “This becomes more fire every time I hear it 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” showcased the unwavering love his music commands. Fans remained torn between celebrating his undeniable talent and worrying about his lifestyle choices.

One comment, in particular, stood out: “Hi, can I pay forward for a haircut? Like book 3 haircuts at once for someone?” This thoughtful remark demonstrated that some fans were willing to take tangible steps to support Kabza in a more positive way. It hinted at a desire to see him make healthier choices.

In the midst of these discussions, it’s essential to remember that Kabza De Small is an artist who has had a profound impact on South African music. His influence and talent are undeniable, and his journey, like any artist’s, has its complexities and challenges. While fans voice their concerns about his lifestyle, they also recognize the importance of his artistry and the joy he brings to their lives.

In conclusion, Kabza De Small’s recent video before a haircut has sparked conversations about his alcohol consumption and its potential impact on his life. While fans worry about his choices, they continue to celebrate his musical genius and the positive influence he has had on the Amapiano genre.

It’s a delicate balance between concern and admiration, highlighting the complexity of being a public figure in the spotlight. Ultimately, Kabza’s future, both as an artist and as an individual, remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: his fans will be there every step of the way, hoping for the best for the King of Amapiano.

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