Skeem Saam stars Pretty ‘Lerato Marabe’ and Kwaito ‘Clement Maosa’ married in real life?

Lerato Marabe and Clement Maosa, known for their roles as Pretty and Kwaito on Skeem Saam, recently set social media abuzz with rumors of their marriage. The duo appeared in matching outfits and sported rings, leading fans to speculate about their marital status.

However, it appears that their coordinated attire and happiness might be a coincidence, as they are not husband and wife in real life.

Lerato Marabe caused a stir in 2021 when she shared pictures of herself in traditional Makoti attire on Instagram, hinting at her love life. Despite donning wedding attire, Lerato did not introduce her husband, leaving many to believe that she was teasing her fans and is still single, awaiting the right suitor.

In contrast, Clement Maosa is indeed married, but not to Lerato Marabe. The actor tied the knot with his wife before his rise to fame. Although little is known about Clement’s wife, as she prefers to keep her personal life private, the couple has weathered various challenges together and shares a son. Clement often expresses his love for his wife through gestures and gifts, demonstrating their strong bond.

While Lerato and Clement portray siblings on Skeem Saam and share a close on-screen relationship, their real-life connection is that of close friends. Lerato recently shared pictures of herself and Clement on her Instagram, highlighting their genuine friendship. Despite the on-screen chemistry, Lerato Marabe and Clement Maosa are not married but share a strong friendship.

Kwaito has clarified that he is not married to Pretty, as he is married to his own wife already.

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