Itu Khune replies his ex-girlfriend

Itu Khune Responds to Minnie Dlamini’s Troll with Passion

Itu Khune, the football star, has chosen not to remain silent in the face of trolling from his ex-lover, Minnie Dlamini. Minnie threw shade at Khune by expressing disbelief that he still plays football, a comment that gained significant attention on social media.

In response to the trolling, Itu Khune shared a photo of himself on the football pitch, accompanied by the caption, “Passion.” Despite calls from followers to ignore the noise and refrain from responding, Itu seems to have conveyed his commitment to his love for the game.

Here are some comments from his followers:

  • “You are slowly regaining your momentum skipper, don’t listen to social media analysts and trolls do what you know best, we are 💯 % behind you.”
  • “Let’s be honest, he was good but now he should just accept that his history is good and will always be. Every game he plays we lose except spurs from lower division.”

  • “Captain my Captain… Don’t listen to the criticism no we the real khosi Fun we are behind.. Just motivate the Young boy’s … The line of defense needs you to teach them what to do.”
  • “Mara mfe2 talk to your teammates to step up you deserve something before you retire. We want glory.”

Itu Khune’s response, emphasizing his passion for the game, has sparked support from fans who encourage him to focus on his strengths and not be swayed by social media criticism.

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