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’I did not want him’- Tamia Mpisane speaks out

In a candid revelation that unfolded on the inaugural episode of the second season of “Kwa Mam’Mkhize,” Tamia Mpisane, the wife of Andile Mpisane, disclosed an intriguing facet of their relationship, laying bare that her initial sentiments toward her now-husband were far from enthusiastic.

Stepping into the limelight on the reality show, Tamia delved into the genesis of their connection, confessing, “My name is Tamia Mpisane, and I am married to Andile Mpisane.

I met Andile through a mutual friend in December 2019. I knew he was the one for me because he was so persistent.”

However, what adds a captivating twist to their love story is Tamia’s admission that her sentiments towards Andile were initially lukewarm. In her own words, she disclosed, “I did not want him, but he was so persistent, I was like, ‘actually I think I like him.'”

This revelation, made on the debut episode of the second season of “Kwa Mam’Mkhize,” which premiered on Showmax in December 2023, sheds light on the dynamics of their relationship, showcasing the evolution from indifference to affection.

Their union has blossomed into a familial constellation, with Andile and Tamia becoming parents to two children.

Their firstborn, Miaandy, entered the world in May 2022, and shortly thereafter, the family welcomed their second child, Shauwn Junior, in September 2023.

Andile, at the age of 22, wears the badge of a father of four, with two additional children, Flo (3) and Coco (2), from a previous relationship with ex-girlfriend Sithelo Shozi.

The intricacies of their family dynamics, as revealed on the reality show, add layers to the narrative of Andile and Tamia’s evolving relationship and the broader tapestry of their shared parenthood journey.

Some rumors say Tamia Mpisane was paid R23 Million rand by Mamkhize so that she could marry Andile

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