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Moshe Ndiki opens up on becoming a father to twin boys finding new love and living for God

In an illustrious testament to his carefree and extraordinary persona, Moshe Ndiki, a multifaceted personality entrenched in the broadcasting realm, has not only showcased his versatility but also proven his adeptness in seamlessly transitioning between vibrant and serious roles.

Embarking on his journey as a YouTuber, Ndiki has traversed a trajectory that now solidifies his standing as a successful TV host, actor, and content creator.

With an impressive eight-year tenure in the industry, he is poised to unveil his latest venture, the unscripted television series titled “Life with Moshe,” scheduled for a public premiere on January 28th, exclusively on Mzanzi Magic.

Presently existing in a state of transparency, Ndiki made a pivotal announcement in the spring of the previous year, embracing life alongside his first love, a love he asserts he always knew existed.

His unwavering joy finds its roots in his profound relationship with God, a cornerstone that holds a pivotal place in his life, especially in matters concerning family and love.

As an openly gay man, Ndiki has consistently bared his life to the public, and now, he is poised to share his surrogacy journey with a wider audience.

Delving into the motivations behind this decision, he reveals that three years ago, he resolved to document his life to preemptively address recurring inquiries.

His forthcoming show aims to provide comprehensive insights into the surrogacy process, offering a unique perspective from that of a black gay man embracing single parenthood.

In elucidating his choice to produce the show, Ndiki shares, “If I had it my way, the show would be called Love With Moshe because I have a lot of love and respect for my family, my friends, my partner, and people who were involved in the surrogacy process.”

He emphasizes the abundance of love and understanding required from family members unfamiliar with the intricacies of surrogacy.

Detailing the meticulous groundwork preceding his surrogacy journey, Ndiki underscores his thorough understanding of the regulations governing surrogacy in South Africa.

Carefully selecting a fertility center, he was attuned to potential risks and challenges, demonstrating a commitment to securing his rights and those of his surrogate.

Despite garnering accolades for his on-camera presence, Ndiki remains his harshest critic, viewing his time in the limelight as an ongoing production.

Downplaying accomplishments, he directs his focus towards future aspirations, expressing a desire for a late-night show akin to Jimmy Fallon and an active role as a producer.

The current series, “Life with Moshe,” serves as a testament to his production prowess, being produced under his own company, Moshe Ndiki Pictures.

His unwavering faith and commitment to living a purposeful life have enabled Ndiki to cultivate patience and alleviate industry-related pressures.

Rooted in a spiritual message about embracing the different seasons of life, he acknowledges that not every season belongs to him. His relationship with God remains a wellspring of sustenance, providing unwavering support throughout his career.

While Ndiki’s spirit is fueled by love, he has encountered challenges, most notably a recent divorce from Phelo Bala, as documented on the reality show Bala Family.

However, finding solace and joy in his current relationship with his partner, Mzie, has reinforced the notion that his yearnings for love were neither irrational nor excessive.

This newfound love has bolstered his confidence, reaffirming that he deserves a partner who wholeheartedly loves and supports his aspirations.

In reflection, Ndiki acknowledges the growth and effort invested in his present relationship, considering it an invaluable experience that has not only healed past wounds but also assured him of his worthiness of love, family, and all the blessings life has to offer.

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