Did you know Skeem Saam’s Koko Mantsha no longer has a child

At 81 years old, Lydia Mokgokoloshi, renowned as Koko Mantsha on Skeem Saam, is a seasoned actress with a rich history. Known for her role as the mother of Charity and grandmother of Katlego, Lydia’s upbringing was marked by her place in a large family of five siblings. Raised by her mother, who shouldered the responsibility due to her father’s blindness, Lydia’s past remains largely uncharted.

What remains a lesser-known facet of Lydia’s life is her journey through motherhood. Alongside her late husband, described as remarkably gentle and non-violent, Lydia’s parenthood was marked by the birth of a single son. Tragically, in 2003, her son passed away, leaving her with a void that only a parent can fathom. Despite a parent’s hope to witness their offspring’s flourishing and care in later years, Lydia faced the heart-wrenching reality of outliving her own child.

Unlocking Opportunities: 15 Highly Paid Scholarships in the USA

Empowering Education Through Generous Scholarships


As the cost of higher education continues to rise across the globe, it is no surprise that pursuing academic dreams in the USA can be equally financially daunting, especially for international students. However, the good news is that there exist a plethora of highly paid scholarships in the USA that can alleviate these financial pressures.

This compilation by studygreen.info presents 15 prestigious scholarships that extend substantial financial support to individuals at all levels of study, including undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs.

Highly Paid Scholarships in the USA

Here are 15 remarkable scholarships in the USA, offering substantial financial support, including full tuition coverage, monthly stipends, and various academic expenses:

  1. Fulbright Foreign Student Program ($50,000+)
  • This renowned program, funded by the US Department of State, offers comprehensive financial support for postgraduate studies in the USA.
  1. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program ($50,000)
  • Providing fully funded scholarships to students from developing countries, this program empowers individuals to pursue both undergraduate and master’s degrees.
  1. Harvard University MBA Scholarship ($102,200)
  • The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship, awarded every two years, supports exceptional individuals seeking to study at Harvard Business School.
  1. The Gates Scholarship Program ($50,000+)
  • This annual scholarship awards 1000 academically talented students with full tuition coverage and support for four-year undergraduate degrees.
  1. Knight-Hennessy Scholarship at Stanford University ($50,000)
  • With a focus on various graduate programs at Stanford University, this scholarship offers a comprehensive financial package.
  1. Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships ($50,000+)
  • Aimed at individuals from developing countries, this program provides fully funded master’s degrees at top universities.
  1. Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowships Program ($50,000)
  • This fellowship supports young professionals in pursuing non-degree programs in the USA, offering comprehensive financial assistance.
  1. ADB Japan Scholarships Program ($50,000+)
  • The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program supports high-achieving individuals from developing countries pursuing postgraduate studies.
  1. Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships ($50,000)
  • Specifically for women in STEM and engineering fields, this fellowship grants financial support to doctoral students.
  • AAUW International Fellowships ($50,000+)
    • The American Association of University Women provides fully funded scholarships to women pursuing master’s, PhD, or postdoctoral studies in the USA.
  • Google PhD Fellowship ($50,000)
    • Google offers fully funded PhD scholarships and research mentorship to international students in computer science and research.
  • Yale Need-Based Scholarship (up to $70,000)
    • Yale University offers need-based scholarships covering tuition, living expenses, and medical insurance for both US citizens and international students.
  • Harvard University Academy Scholars Programme ($75,000)
    • This scholarship supports PhD and postdoctoral students studying International and Area Studies or social sciences.
  • Boston Trustee Scholarship ($57,100)
    • Awarded to exceptional undergraduate students at Boston University, this scholarship covers tuition fees for four years.
  • Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants ($50,000+)
    • The Rotary Foundation funds master’s and doctoral coursework or research across a range of fields.


These highly paid scholarships in the USA are not just monetary support; they are pathways to realizing academic dreams, irrespective of financial constraints. Aspiring students can apply for these opportunities, turning their educational pursuits into remarkable success stories. These scholarships extend far beyond financial assistance, embodying a belief in the potential of individuals to create positive change through education.

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