Sadly one of Musa Mseleku’s wives has died.

Musa Mseleku’s eldest wife, MaCele, has candidly discussed her life in a polygamous marriage and the challenges it posed, including the tragic loss of one of his husband’s wife.

According to MaCele, she dated Musa Mseleku for two years before he proposed. Initially, she disapproved of the idea of a second wife but changed her mind when Musa expressed his desire to have 20 children, a prospect she found overwhelming. To avoid being selfish and preventing other women from becoming single mothers, she agreed to let him have children with other wives.

Tragically, Musa’s second wife passed away in a car accident, making him married to a total of five women.

MaCele admitted that she couldn’t bear the thought of him touching her after he married his late wife, MaSaule. However, with time, she came to accept their unique situation, deciding to live separately from the other wives to cope better with the complex dynamics of their polygamous relationship.

iPhone Projected to Grow Market Share as Android Continues to Decline

iPhone’s Resilience in Declining Smartphone Market

Decline in Global Smartphone Shipments

IDC research predicts a significant dip in global smartphone shipments in 2023, reminiscent of 2013 levels. Android is expected to witness a 6.0% decline in market share, while Apple is projected to achieve a 1.1% growth, reaching a 19.9% market share for iPhones.

Reasons for Android’s Decline

The declining trend in Android adoption may be attributed to younger users’ preferences, with more teens favoring iPhones over Android devices, considering the latter as “outdated.”

Apple’s Resilience

Ryan Reith, Group Vice President of Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers at IDC, attributes Apple’s resilience to appealing trade-in incentives and the expansion of “buy now, pay later” schemes. These strategies have invigorated the premium market segment, particularly in developed economies.

Gradual Market Recovery

IDC anticipates a gradual market recovery but acknowledges that the trajectory won’t reach previous highs. Longer refresh cycles are impacting the overall growth rate, preventing the market from returning to pre-Covid levels. However, consumers retaining devices for longer periods are willing to invest in higher-priced models, elevating average selling prices for the fourth consecutive year in 2023.

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