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Musician Greatman Weds

Greatman, a Zimbabwean musician, has officially tied the knot with his wife, Silibaziso Masara, in a Sunday ceremony at Village Gardens in Mabvuku. Preparing for this big day took him three months of planning and anticipation.

Greatman shared his perspective on marriage, emphasizing the importance of respect and love in a relationship. He believes that a wedding signifies commitment and is a fundamental step in building a strong bond with one’s partner.

In recent news, Silibaziso, Greatman’s wife, joyfully announced her pregnancy on her Facebook page, receiving warm congratulations from well-wishers. While some followers suggested keeping certain matters private, the couple seems to be celebrating this new chapter in their lives openly.

Tech Hiring Strategies Amid Economic Uncertainty

Challenges in the Hiring Landscape

Ongoing global economic uncertainty is influencing technical hiring strategies, with many organizations adjusting their plans due to financial challenges. However, the demand for skilled tech talent remains robust, particularly in areas such as cloud and containers, cybersecurity, and AI/ML.

Training and Upskilling as Key Strategies

According to the “2023 State of Tech Talent Report” by Linux Foundation Training & Certification and Linux Foundation Research, organizations are increasingly investing in training and upskilling their existing technical staff. Approximately 70% of surveyed hiring managers provide training opportunities for their technical employees, recognizing the value of ongoing development and growth.

Preference for Upskilling Over Hiring

Organizations are more inclined to upskill their existing employees rather than hire external consultants when suitable external candidates are unavailable. This shift underscores the importance of investing in and retaining existing talent.

Certifications and Testing for Skills Verification

Certifications and pre-employment testing are gaining importance as tools to verify the skills of potential candidates. These measures help organizations ensure that they recruit individuals with the necessary skills for specific roles and provide candidates with clear expectations.

Tech Certifications vs. College Degrees

The report highlights that tech certifications are becoming more significant than traditional college degrees. Employers value certifications as they demonstrate current, proven skills and knowledge, which are crucial in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Addressing Tech Hiring Challenges

To address ongoing tech talent shortages, companies should consider alternative solutions, such as upskilling existing employees, offering competitive salaries, improving work-life balance, and involving employees in open-source projects. Additionally, organizations should commit resources to long-term talent development and support initiatives that cultivate young talent in their communities.

Strategic Talent Development

The tech industry’s success hinges on having the right talent strategy, which involves a mix of solutions to recruit, verify, retain, and grow talent. Embracing ongoing learning and development as part of the solution is crucial for medium- and long-term success.

Overall, the tech industry faces complex challenges in navigating economic uncertainty while meeting the demand for skilled tech talent. Creative and comprehensive talent strategies are essential for organizations to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

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