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Historic: ‘Muvhango’ actors are getting married in real life

Muvhango Stars Gabriel Temudzani and Maumela Mahuwa Set to Marry
Longtime Muvhango actors Gabriel Temudzani and Maumela Mahuwa, known for their roles as Azwindini and Susan Mukwevho, are taking their on-screen chemistry off-screen as they prepare to tie the knot in real life. This news was confirmed by sources within the SABC 2 soapie, revealing their real-life romance.

Love Confirmed by Gabriel Temudzani
Gabriel Temudzani confirmed the news, stating, “Yes, we are getting married in real life. I can’t give out much as this is new to me.” Muvhango’s publicist, Thanduxolo Jindela, also confirmed their relationship, with plans for their wedding already in motion. The soapie itself will sponsor their high-end wedding with a well-known celebrity wedding planner.

Love Amidst On-Screen Divorce
Interestingly, their on-screen characters, Azwindini and Susan, are currently undergoing a tumultuous divorce after celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary on the show. Viewers have been following the storyline, which includes Azwindini marrying other women while still married to Susan, leading to emotional abuse. However, in real life, Gabriel Temudzani and Maumela Mahuwa are ready to start a new chapter together.

Past Separations
In 2020, Gabriel Temudzani and his wife, Refiloe Temudzani, filed for divorce after seven years of marriage. Despite this, Gabriel had maintained that his personal life was not a matter for public discussion, emphasizing that his separation from Refiloe was a private matter.

China’s Nio launches smartphone developed to use with its electric cars

Nio Inc., a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has unveiled the Nio Phone, a high-end smartphone designed to work seamlessly with its electric vehicles. This marks the first time a Chinese company has created a car-specific smartphone.

The Nio Phone boasts over 30 car-specific functions, including the ability to instruct the car to park itself and notify the car to drive itself to the owner’s location in restricted spaces and at low speeds. It can also unlock the car, even when the phone is turned off.

Three models of the Nio Phone are available, priced between 6,499 and 7,499 yuan ($890-$1,030), and it will initially be sold only in China, with deliveries starting on September 28.

Nio’s CEO, William Li, sees the smartphone as a platform to collect user data, which can enhance user experience and customer loyalty. While it’s expected to contribute to Nio’s ecosystem, the primary focus is likely on data collection rather than generating significant revenue from smartphone sales.

This move by Nio reflects the growing intersection of the smartphone and automotive industries, with companies like Meizu and Xiaomi also exploring connections between smartphones and vehicles. Nio’s investment in self-developed technologies and efforts to build a strong customer base have positioned it as a prominent player in the EV market in China.

Despite initial concerns from investors about Nio taking on additional projects, the launch of the Nio Phone underscores the company’s commitment to advancing its EV ecosystem and integrating technology to enhance the user experience.

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