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‘Where is Okuhle?’: Pearl Thusi dragged

In 2019, South African media personality and actress Pearl Thusi made headlines when she announced that she was adopting a little girl named Okuhlekonke. Her decision was met with pride and support from South Africans who wished her well on her journey as a foster parent.

‘Where is Okuhle?’: Pearl Thusi dragged

Over the years, Pearl has kept her followers updated with photos of both Okuhle and her biological daughter Thandolwethu. However, recently, social media users have noticed that Pearl has been posting more about Thandolwethu and not Okuhle, raising questions and concerns.

Pearl had previously shared her perspective on motherhood, emphasizing the importance of community and how women often rely on their extended family to help raise children. She adopted Okuhlekonke as a part of her commitment to living by these African values.

Recently, Pearl shared a photo of herself with Thandolwethu on Instagram, expressing how much she misses her. This post left many of her followers wondering about Okuhle’s absence, and they expressed their concerns in the comments section. Some asked where Okuhle was, while others inquired about her well-being.

In response, some fans speculated that Pearl might be protecting Okuhle from the spotlight of social media. Regardless of the reason, it’s clear that Pearl Thusi’s followers are genuinely concerned about the well-being and presence of both of her daughters in her life.

China’s Nio launches smartphone developed to use with its electric cars

Nio Inc, a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has unveiled the Nio Phone, a high-end smartphone designed to be used with its electric vehicles. The Nio Phone is being marketed as the first car-specific phone to be sold by a Chinese company and offers a range of functions related to Nio’s electric vehicles.

Key features of the Nio Phone include:

  1. Remote Parking: Users can use the phone to instruct their Nio vehicle to park itself.
  2. Remote Summon: The phone allows users to notify their car to drive to their location autonomously in restricted spaces and at low speeds.
  3. Keyless Entry: Users can unlock their Nio vehicle using the phone, even when the phone is switched off.

Nio’s CEO, William Li, highlighted that the Nio Phone offers more than 30 car-specific functions and represents a breakthrough in connection technologies. He also expressed his belief that competitors would learn from Nio’s smartphone innovations.

The Nio Phone comes in three models with prices ranging from 6,499 to 7,499 yuan (approximately $890 to $1,030). Initially, the phone will only be available for sale in China, with deliveries set to begin on September 28.

While the Nio Phone offers various car-related functions, it’s worth noting that Nio’s primary interest in designing the phone may be to collect user data rather than generating significant revenue directly from phone sales. The smartphone could serve as a platform for data collection, which is valuable in today’s tech landscape, potentially leading to enhanced user experiences and customer loyalty.

This move by Nio reflects the growing convergence between the automotive and smartphone industries. Other companies, including Meizu and Xiaomi, have also ventured into the intersection of smartphones and cars, either by offering car-specific features or by entering the car manufacturing business.

Nio, which is among the top manufacturers of electric and hybrid cars in China, has been investing in self-developed technologies for EV components like chips and batteries. The company has also been building a dedicated fan base among its drivers through exclusive membership clubs and Nio-branded products. Despite facing competition and a price war in China’s EV market, Nio has seen signs of recovery, with increasing deliveries and strong demand for its vehicles.

Please note that the Nio Phone’s primary focus might be on its integration with Nio vehicles and data collection rather than serving as a standalone smartphone product.

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