South African father who killed his 3 sons with poisoned energy drinks has died in hospital after this happened.

Tragic Incidents of Poisoning Claim Lives in Gauteng: Father and Grandmother Involved

In a harrowing series of events in Gauteng, a father who allegedly provided his children with a poison-laced beverage, resulting in the death of three of them, has also succumbed to his own demise in the hospital.

The 39-year-old father’s actions came to light when he gave his five sons a beverage to drink before they headed off to school. Tragically, three of the boys, Lehlogonolo Khoabane (16), Katleho Khoabane (13), and Tebogo Ngcongwane (6), later experienced stomach pains.

Two of the boys lost their lives at school, while the third passed away en route to a nearby clinic. A fourth son is reportedly still hospitalized, and the fifth brother did not consume the toxic beverage.

Gauteng police confirmed the father’s death, revealing that he had been admitted to the hospital after being found unconscious at the family’s residence in Ratanda. In a desperate act, he allegedly attempted suicide by overdosing on medication and inflicting several stab wounds upon himself.

Colonel Brenda Muridili, a police spokesperson, provided insights into the grim incident. The father’s actions not only led to the tragic loss of innocent lives but also raised questions about the motivations behind such a horrifying act.

In a separate and equally distressing incident, two children lost their lives after consuming meat laced with rat poison. The grandmother, believing she was setting traps for rats in the house, sprinkled poison on the meat and left it in a container atop the fridge.

Upon returning from church, the grandmother discovered the container in the sink, prompting her to question the children. It was then revealed that they had accessed the poisoned meat and consumed it. Acting swiftly, she provided them with milk, but the children soon began complaining of stomach cramps. Despite urgent efforts to seek medical attention, they were pronounced dead upon arrival at a medical facility.

These tragic incidents have sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the devastating consequences of poisoning and prompting reflection on the importance of safeguarding the well-being of vulnerable individuals, particularly children, within the family unit.

The authorities are actively investigating both cases to understand the motives and circumstances surrounding these heart-wrenching events.

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