Love in the air!❤️Skeem Saam actor Paxton & Lewatle dating in real life. See what they were spotted doing here

Fans of the popular soap opera ‘Skeem Saam’ are buzzing with excitement as on-screen high school sweethearts Paxton and Lewatle might be turning their reel-life romance into a real-life affair. They were spotted in the park being cozy with each other.

Thabiso Molokomme and Mosa Nkwashu, the talented actors behind the characters, recently ignited dating rumors after sharing affectionate pictures of each other on their Instagram accounts.

The speculation gained further momentum when the pair was spotted together on a cozy coffee date, with both stars not hesitating to share these moments with their followers on social media. As Paxton and Lewatle continue to captivate audiences with their on-screen chemistry, fans can’t help but wonder if their bond goes beyond the TV show.


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