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10 South African celebrities who answered the call to be traditional healers

“Skeem Saam” actress Oratile Maitisa, renowned for her role as Eunice, has embraced her spiritual journey, answering the call to become a sangoma. Eagerly sharing her transformation on Instagram, Oratile treated fans to glimpses of her celebration adorned in traditional sangoma attire.

Reflecting on her profound spiritual journey that commenced in childhood, the actress expressed that while it was challenging, she believes it enables her to assist others beyond her on-screen capabilities. Oratile shared, “It wasn’t a walk in the park but it was fruitful. I learnt to be patient, and it was worth it. It’s like being blessed. Praying is very easy for me. Knowing you have the ability to help people is amazing yet challenging because people come with different situations.”

Despite facing spiritual challenges, Oratile persevered, driven by her aspiration to attain peace in her life. She commented, “At some point, it almost seemed impossible but I had to stay strong and committed. It feels great and overwhelming at the same time. I’ve been wanting to be at peace like this.”

The actress, who rose to fame as a child star, shared profound insights into her journey of being bestowed with the spiritual gift of healing. She emphasized the lessons learned, including the ability to discern between positive and negative energies, self-respect, emotional support, and the importance of patience.

Navigating the delicate balance between her acting career and newfound spiritual path, Oratile expressed confidence in her ancestors’ understanding. She stated, “Ancestors are our forefathers. You speak to them about anything. They understand you and protect you. As long as I speak to them about my plans, they will understand.”

Oratile extended advice to fellow entertainers experiencing a similar calling, urging them to respect and nurture their gifts. She emphasized that one cannot ignore their calling, highlighting the need for careful consideration and protection of the spiritual gift. In her words, “Respect your gift. It’s not a gift to play with, sugar-coat or ignore. It needs to be taken care of and protected. It needs a person who listens and is able to work with and help people in their daily lives.”

10 South African celebrities who answered the call to be traditional healers

Phelo Bala seems to have joined the growing number of celebrities who are sangomas.

Phelo Bala seems to have joined the growing number of celebrities who are sangomas. 

Musician Phelo Bala seems to have announced his calling as a sangoma (or traditional healer). 

In a recent post on his Instagram page, the star is seen wearing traditional healer regalia and captions the image “Emakhosini”. 

In other posts leading up to this, Phelo can be seen wearing a red and white beaded bracelet and necklace. 

Phelo joins a growing number of celebrities who have shared their calling.  

Previously, being a sangoma was known to be a journey that very few took. However, being a spiritual guide in this way seems to have entered the mainstream with even some of our favourite celebrities being called and answering the call.

Boity Thulo is also among the celebrities who shared with us that she had undergone the process of being ukuthwasa, while Dineo and Solo Langa have spoken about wanting to educate people on what the title, and African spirituality as a whole, means to destigmatise it.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 celebrity traditional healers:

1. Dineo and Solo

The celebrity couple first revealed that they were both traditional healers on their three-part wedding special titled Kwakuhle Kwethu. Then, during lockdown, they started a YouTube channel where one of the videos was about their journey as spiritually-gifted people and undergoing the journey of ukuthwasa as a couple.

celebrity, sangoma, Dineo and Solo

Dineo and Solo Langa.

2. Dineo Ranaka

Over the years, the multi-talented reality TV star and radio host has always been vocal about the possibility of having a calling, on her reality tv shows. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that Dineo publicly shared on her social media platforms that she had accepted the calling and is now a sangoma.

celebrity, sangoma, dineo ranaka

Dineo Ranaka

3. Boity Thulo

Of the many celebrities who have become healers, Boity Thulo is among the most prominent celebrities who announced that she had gone through the process of ukuthwasa. The reality TV star and Ba Kae hitmaker has been vocal about her journey and has gone into depth about it on various TV shows and even her own reality show.

celebrity, sangoma, boity thulo

Boity Thulo.

4. Lerato Mvelase

The actress shared her journey of ukuthwasa and how it affected her as she had to leave her children for six months to get initiated.

celebrity, sangoma, lerato mvelase

Lerato Mvelase.

Instagram @lerato_mvelase 

5. Zodwa Wabantu

The dancer and reality star is one of the latest of celebrities to share her acceptance of her ancestral calling, as seen on her Instagram page. Earlier this year, Zodwa shared a picture suggesting she was to become a healer, which she later confirmed on her social media pages.

celebrity, sangoma, zodwa wabantu

6. Nokuthula Mavuso

The actress, who is known for her latest role as Angelina on The River, is also a sangoma. In a tweet, Nokuthula shared what she looked like before and after accepting her calling.

celebrity, sangoma, Nokuthula Mavuso

7. Letoya Makhene-Pulumo

Daughter to musical icon Blondie Makhene, Letoya is also a traditional healer. She is also vocal about her spiritual journey and is a practising healer.

celebrity, sangoma, maweni

8. Gogo Maweni

Many were first introduced to Gogo Maweni on her reality TV show, Izangoma Zodumo, where she shared all about what she does as a healer and a gobela. Unlike the other celebrities, being a traditional healer is what Gogo Maweni is mainly known for.

celebrity, sangoma, maweni

9. Masechaba Khumalo

The media personality, and now musician, shared that she had decided to accept her calling in early 2021. Taking to Instagram to make an official announcement, she said “a fresh start isn’t a new place, it’s a new mindset”.

celebrity, sangoma, masechaba

10. Luyanda Potwana

Presenter of popular TV show NyanNyan, Luyanda Potwana has also shared he is also a traditional healer. At the beginning of 2021, the TV host shared a post, which suggested that he had begun his spiritual journe and in March this year, updated his followers that he had “earned new stripes” on his journey.

celebrity sangoma luyanda potwana

Luyanda Potwana.

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