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The cause of Senzo Meyiwa’s death has finally been revealed

Finally, the cause of Senzo Meyiwa’s tragic death has come to light. During Tuesday’s court proceedings, the pathologist, Dr. Johannes Steenekamp, provided crucial testimony. Dr. Steenekamp detailed that the fatal shot that took Meyiwa’s life was fired at point-blank range, with the firearm pressed against his chest.

Furthermore, Dr. Steenekamp stated that Meyiwa’s death occurred within seconds or minutes of being shot. The primary factors contributing to his demise were heavy blood loss, coupled with significant damage to his lungs and heart.

The pathologist also explained that the close proximity of the firearm to Meyiwa likely resulted in gun residue powder entering his skin, creating a wound that resembled a bullet entry point. These revelations shed new light on the circumstances surrounding Senzo Meyiwa’s tragic passing.

General Motors, Google Cloud Expand Partnership to Bring AI Tech Into Millions of Automaker’s Vehicles

Google Cloud’s AI in General Motors’ OnStar Service

Google Cloud’s AI has been deployed in General Motors’ OnStar service, leading to further generative AI applications being jointly tested by GM and Google Cloud.

Collaboration History

The collaboration between GM and Google Cloud began in 2019, with GM integrating Google technology into its vehicles. Over time, access to Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play was expanded from GM vehicles’ central displays. Google Cloud’s Dialogflow was also integrated.

Enhanced OnStar Virtual Assistant

Google Cloud’s conversational AI technology, Dialogflow, empowered GM’s OnStar virtual assistant to handle over a million customer inquiries per month in the US and Canada. This feature is available in most GM vehicles connected by OnStar from model year 2015 onwards.

Potential of Generative AI

Mike Abbott, EVP of Software and Services at GM, emphasized the potential of generative AI to transform the customer experience and enhance product and service features. GM’s software-centric approach has enabled efficient service development and increased customer engagement.

Deepened Partnership

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership and the potential of generative AI to reshape customer interactions and experiences. Google looks forward to collaborating further with GM in exploring generative AI applications.

OnStar Interactive Virtual Assistant

The OnStar Interactive Virtual Assistant (IVA), launched in 2022, relies on advanced AI-driven intent recognition powered by Google Cloud’s Dialogflow. It assists with routing, navigation, and responding to inquiries initiated through the OnStar button in GM vehicles.

The technology also identifies phrases indicative of emergency situations and connects calls to OnStar’s specialized emergency advisors.

Improved Customer Interactions

The integration of Google Cloud’s Dialogflow technology has improved the understanding of customer questions, resulting in timely and natural-sounding responses. It has also reduced hold times and allowed OnStar Advisors to dedicate more time to customer requests requiring human assistance.

Use of Chatbots

GM has deployed chatbots capable of conversational interactions to answer customer questions about GM vehicles and features. These chatbots use technical information from GM’s extensive vehicle data repositories to respond quickly and accurately.


GM’s use of Dialogflow in its OnStar technology received recognition in the technology industry, earning a “Talent Transformation” award at Google Cloud’s annual Next event in San Francisco.

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