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Find out what Musa Mseleku’s late wife did

In a remarkable journey that has both captivated and divided audiences, the Mseleku family has become a household name in Mzansi.

While some embrace their polygamous lifestyle, others find it challenging to agree with their unconventional way of living.

The renowned family is set to grace our screens once again with the highly anticipated 7th season of their reality show,

Nes’thembu, offering a unique glimpse into the dynamics of a polygamous family led by the charismatic businessman Musa Mseleku.

As viewers prepare for the premiere on January 25th, a noteworthy and seldom-discussed aspect comes to light – the late first wife of Musa Mseleku, Sindi Masaule.

While her presence has been overshadowed in previous seasons, Musa is determined to honor her memory in the upcoming season.

In a touching tribute, he requests her guidance as their guardian angel and ancestor throughout the journey.

“Now that you are an ancestor, may you kindly guide us as we enter our season 7 of UThando Nes’thembu,” Musa expressed, acknowledging the importance of Sindi’s spiritual influence on the family.

Describing her as someone who wholeheartedly embraced and supported their vision, he reminisced about her unwavering commitment to their shared dreams.

“Your wisdom, your guidance Ndlunkulu is needed as ever before. We know your beliefs and things that you did not like, but the family has grown now and is still growing,” he reflected.

Musa’s plea extends beyond a familial acknowledgment; it’s a heartfelt request for MaSaule’s peaceful spirit to intervene in the current disunity within the family.

“I know you would not have wished for disunity that is prevailing right now and the struggle for power.

Please rise again; we need your peaceful spirit, and the family needs you,” he implored.

Recognizing her contributions and the positive impact she had during her time on Earth, Musa emphasized the family’s continuous need for her guidance.

As the Mseleku family prepares to embark on another season filled with challenges, growth, and unity, the invocation of Sindi Masaule’s presence adds a poignant layer to their polygamous narrative.

In the intricate tapestry of Uthando Nes’thembu, the late first wife’s influence becomes a guiding force, weaving through the complexities of their lives, leaving an indelible mark on the Mseleku family’s legacy.

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