Zimbabwean Woman Goes For 7 Years Pregnant After Stealing Someone’s Husband

In an unusual and perplexing turn of events, 29-year-old Alisa Sakile Marova from Mufakose, Zimbabwe, has found herself entangled in a mysterious case of prolonged pregnancy spanning seven years. According to a report by NewZimbabwe.com, Alisa’s condition is suspected to be a result of witchcraft, allegedly inflicted upon her after she was accused of snatching another woman’s husband.

The bizarre tale began when Alisa, at the age of 22, discovered she was pregnant. However, her journey to motherhood took a strange twist when she went into labor, only to find that the baby did not make its expected entrance into the world. Doctors, after confirming her pregnancy earlier, informed her that there was no longer a baby in her womb, leaving everyone bewildered by the perplexing situation.

Destiny Media, a NewZimbabwe.com TV channel, recently interviewed Alisa, allowing her to share the harrowing details of her extraordinary ordeal. Alisa revealed that her predicament began when a man she was involved with failed to disclose his marital status. His wife, upon discovering the affair, confronted Alisa, who had already relocated.

To complicate matters, Alisa received a threatening call from an anonymous woman, presumably the scorned wife. Despite efforts to identify and confront the person behind the call, they were met with the information that the suspect had passed away. Alisa suspects foul play, attributing her bizarre condition to a possible bewitchment orchestrated by the deceased woman, although her family vehemently denies such accusations.

Alisa recounted her struggle, stating, “After I failed to conceive, my stomach started swelling, and doctors ran numerous scans, but they said there was nothing inside. I went to local and South African hospitals, but doctors could not establish the problem. Now my doctor says it’s a cyst, but when it is drained, my stomach swells back soon afterward.”

The mysterious nature of Alisa’s situation has left both medical professionals and her community perplexed, with the cause of her prolonged pregnancy remaining elusive.

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As Alisa’s extraordinary story continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the mysterious and often unexplainable events that can occur in our lives, leaving us questioning the boundaries of reality and the influence of supernatural forces.

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