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Nelisiwe Sibiya is still a v!rgin at the age of 35 . Here is why she doesn’t want tlofu tlofu

Oh, Nelisiwe Sibiya, the actress who’s making headlines for more than just her roles on-screen. The woman of the hour, or should we say, the woman of controversy, has got tongues wagging with her recent interview on “Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM.”

Now, let’s start at the beginning, where Nelisiwe Sibiya, best known for her portrayal of Dr. Mbali on Durban Gen, shared her journey to stardom. She had dreams of being a celebrated musician, but fate had other plans for her, and she ended up donning the white coat as Dr. Mbali. Talk about a career plot twist!

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in Nelisiwe’s life. She opened up about a painful past, involving alleged abuse and molestation from a close family member. Despite the darkness that clouded her early years, she remarkably forgave and healed. The financial power wielded by this family member kept her family from taking action, but she found it in her heart to let go of the past.

Then comes the relationship rollercoaster. Her engagement with gospel star Ayanda Ntanzi hit the rocks, primarily due to differences in religious beliefs. And here’s where things get spicy – she dropped the bombshell that she won’t settle for a “weak man” if she ever decides to tie the knot. You go, girl!

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – Robert Marawa. Rumors have been swirling like a tornado about her alleged romance with the sports commentator veteran. But hold your horses, folks! Nelisiwe set the record straight, asserting that they are just good friends. Well, isn’t that just a “friendly” twist in the plot?

But here’s where things get really wild. Nelisiwe has been claiming to be a virgin. Yes, you heard that right, a virgin in her 30s. And that’s where the internet went into a frenzy. Twitter users, never ones to shy away from controversy, have called her out on social media, with many expressing doubt about her claims.

Now, the big question is, why the skepticism? Well, some eagle-eyed netizens pointed out that Nelisiwe, unlike her “virgin” friends, doesn’t sport the infamous white dot on her forehead, signifying her purity. They even questioned whether she’s ever undergone a virginity test. And if that’s not enough, some are accusing her of being a bit too friendly with the opposite gender. Ouch, the drama!

And here’s the kicker: Nelisiwe skipped the Reed Dance, an event where South Africa’s proud virgins gather to flaunt their purity. Her absence raised eyebrows, especially since she’s known for being a devout believer in her virgin status.

So, there you have it, a whirlwind of revelations, rumors, and a sprinkling of skepticism surrounding Nelisiwe Sibiya. With so much happening in her life, from failed engagements to rumors of romance and, of course, the burning question of her virginity, one thing’s for sure – Nelisiwe’s life is anything but boring. Stay tuned, folks; this drama might just be getting started!

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