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IsencaneLengane Viewers Are Not Happy With Siyacela After He Did This To His Father In Law

Siyacela’s actions deeply infuriated his father-in-law due to the way he treated their beloved daughter. The once-promising young couple’s relationship took a distressing turn as Siyacela’s violent behavior and abusive actions became increasingly apparent.

His father-in-law, who had once hoped for a harmonious and loving marriage for his daughter, found himself confronted with the harsh reality of her suffering.

The way Siyacela mistreated his wife, emotionally and physically, left their family in shock and disbelief. They had trusted him to care for and protect their daughter, but instead, he became the source of her pain and anguish. This betrayal of trust and the betrayal of their daughter’s well-being ignited a fierce anger within her father.

The anger was not just a reaction to the mistreatment itself but also a protective response to the daughter who was suffering at the hands of her husband. Siyacela’s actions not only strained their relationship but also jeopardized their family’s unity and happiness. His father-in-law was determined to do whatever it took to ensure the safety and well-being of his daughter, even if it meant confronting the man who had caused her so much pain.

Outraged ‘Isencane Lengane’ viewers are expressing their disappointment with Moja Love’s statement, asserting that it doesn’t adequately address the issue of gender-based violence (GBV). Siyacela Dlamuka and Thando Msomi, the beloved young couple on the show, faced a storm of criticism following a recent episode featuring Dlamuka’s violent behavior towards his wife.

In response to viewer complaints about the distressing episode, Moja Love issued a statement emphasizing that they “do not condone or support gender-based violence.”

The network acknowledged the heated argument between Siyacela Dlamuka and Thando Msomi and the subsequent violence, revealing that their crew had intervened during the altercation, with the police called in to handle the situation.

Thando was given the option to file a case against Siyacela but chose not to, opting to relocate to a different place away from him, with counseling and progress monitoring offered by the channel.

While Moja Love stands by its decision not to cancel the show and instead create a platform for dialogue about societal issues, many viewers are dissatisfied with this response. They believe that the show’s content has taken a troubling turn, with some accusing the network of condoning GBV by exploiting abusive incidents for entertainment and promotion.

Various viewers have expressed their concerns on social media, emphasizing the financial implications for Thando and the children involved. Despite the growing controversy, the fate of ‘Isencane Lengane’ remains uncertain, as it continues to be a subject of debate and criticism among its audience.

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