Last words of dying 9-year-old girl murdered by grandfather

The tragic story of 9-year-old Mia Rodgers, brutally murdered by her own grandfather, Ronald Fred Gregory, unfolded on March 21, leaving an indelible mark of horror and grief. As the details emerged in court, Mia’s final moments echoed with heart-wrenching words that exposed the callousness of the man who took her life.

Bleeding on her bed, sheets stained with her own blood, Mia, weighing only 75 pounds in the third grade, found the strength to utter a heartbreaking question to her paternal grandfather: “Paw paw, when am I going to stop hurting?” In the midst of her pain, Mia’s plea went unanswered as Gregory, aged 68, callously remained silent, consumed by his own selfish thoughts.

Mia’s suffering persisted for over an hour before her untimely death, a death orchestrated by the same man who had already murdered his bedridden, invalid wife, Barbara Gregory, earlier that morning. Mia’s maternal grandfather, Paul Rodgers, had to bear the shocking revelation that Mia endured such agony, unaware until the court proceedings.

The motive behind this heinous act was further clouded by Gregory’s absurd claims that the use of a 9-millimeter pistol was to prevent brain damage from the fumes of Mia’s glue-on nails. However, this explanation crumbled under scrutiny, revealing the grotesque reality that unfolded that tragic morning.

Adding to the horror, Gregory refrained from seeking medical help for Mia, instead lying next to her as she bled. Not until over nine hours later did he call 911, preceded by withdrawing a substantial amount of money from the bank. The motive behind this financial transaction remains a chilling mystery.

Gregory’s subsequent self-inflicted gunshot wounds only deepened the profound tragedy. He claimed he had planned to harm himself for weeks but decided that if he wasn’t around, he didn’t want his wife or granddaughter to suffer. Mia’s maternal grandfather, Paul Rodgers, expressed disbelief in Gregory’s rationale, highlighting Mia’s well-being before that fateful day.

Amid the devastating revelation of Mia’s last words, the courtroom witnessed gasps, sobs, and shock from onlookers, except for the perpetrator himself, who displayed a disturbing lack of emotion. The grim reality of Mia’s final moments contrasted sharply with Gregory’s apathy.

The aftermath of this heinous crime saw Mia’s maternal grandfather filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Gregory and his son, Mia’s father. Paul Rodgers sought justice, questioning the legitimacy of the custody arrangement that led to Mia’s presence in Gregory’s care. The decision not to pursue the death penalty left Paul grappling with the limitations of the legal system, realizing that Mia was denied the chance for appeals that her assailant would have had.

The tragedy of Mia Rodgers serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life, the depths of human cruelty, and the complexities within the justice system when confronted with such unspeakable acts.

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