Drunk Isibaya actress kills two in fatal accident

Actress Zinhle Mabena Ngwenya Conceals Tragic Accident Involving Fatalities Since 2017

Zinhle Mabena Ngwenya, a 29-year-old actress known for her role in Isibaya, has reportedly been harboring a dark secret involving a fatal accident since 2017. The actress, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, was involved in a tragic head-on collision in Boksburg that resulted in the death of two individuals and left another permanently disabled.

Sources at the accident scene claim that Zinhle, purportedly intoxicated, overtook five vehicles before colliding head-on with a red Corolla carrying three occupants. The driver succumbed to injuries after a day in the hospital, while the passenger endured five days before passing away.

According to witnesses, Zinhle was seen getting drunk at a gathering with friends in Vosloorus, East of Joburg, before attempting to drive to her residence in Centurion. At the scene, she was found unconscious in a Porsche, prompting a witness to notify her mother, who arrived promptly.

The accident report, obtained by Sunday World, indicates that the collision occurred around 20:06. Zinhle was admitted to Union Private Hospital, where blood samples confirmed her intoxication. The police report was filed ten days later, and the Porsche, insured by the Alexander Forbes Group and Business Insurance under Zinhle’s husband’s name, was towed away by MF Autobody from Boksburg.

The insurance company declined coverage, citing Zinhle’s alleged speeding at 180 km/h in an 80 km/h zone and driving under the influence of alcohol. Robert Ngwenya, Zinhle’s husband, reportedly arrived at the scene and swiftly took her to the ambulance, transporting her to the hospital.

The family of one of the deceased passengers is now seeking legal recourse. Sunday World has learned that the Vosloorus family is seeking assistance from Afriforum to pursue justice for their son’s death, drawing parallels with previous cases, such as that of Duduzane Zuma.

As of now, attempts to reach Ngwenya for comment have been unsuccessful, and the article will be updated if a response is received.

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