Royalty Soapie Awards: What’s New, Dates, Applications Forms

The Pan African Awards categories have been introduced to acknowledge and honor the exceptional talent and creativity in daily TV drama productions from across the continent. This expansion reflects our commitment to showcasing the diversity and richness of African storytelling.

By including Pan African categories, we aim to foster collaboration and exchange among African TV drama productions. This will create a space for creators, actors, and production teams to connect and share their experiences, ideas, and expertise. The awards ceremony will serve as a platform for networking and building relationships within the industry, fostering growth and innovation.

We are particularly excited to welcome fans from across Africa to the awards ceremony. This will provide an opportunity for them to engage with and support the African TV drama industry by celebrating their favorite shows and actors. It will also allow them to discover new and exciting productions from different countries, broadening their understanding and appreciation of African storytelling.

The opening of submissions for the 7th Royalty Soapie Awards categories in September 2023 is anticipated with great excitement. We look forward to receiving entries that showcase the best of local and Pan African talent. The competition will be fierce as productions from different countries compete for recognition on a global stage. This is a chance for African TV drama productions to shine and demonstrate their excellence to an international audience.

Young and upcoming actors and actresses must apply on Royalty Soapie Awards website in order to get acting opportunities and even participating in the upcoming awards. Requirements are listed on that website.

The Royalty Soapie Awards is committed to supporting and nurturing the African entertainment industry. Through these awards, we aim to encourage and inspire the next generation of storytellers, actors, and production teams. We believe that by providing a platform for recognition, we can motivate and empower individuals and teams to continue pushing boundaries and pursuing excellence in their craft.

In March 2024, South Africa will be buzzing with excitement as the awards ceremony takes place. The event promises to be a celebration of African talent, creativity, and storytelling. We cannot wait to witness the energy and innovation that will be brought to the stage by the exceptional individuals and productions that will be recognized and celebrated at the Royalty Soapie Awards. It will be a night to remember for the African entertainment industry.

We invite all daily TV drama productions across the continent to prepare their submissions and join us in March 2024 for an unforgettable celebration of African storytelling and talent. Together, we can elevate and promote the African entertainment industry to new heights.

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