BREAKING: Isencane Lengane’s Thando escaped death by a whisker as Siyacela almost killed her. See what happened

It has become customary for viewers of “Isencane Lengane’s Siyacela” to express their displeasure every Sunday, and the latest episode was no exception. The audience is rallying to rescue Thando from the distress caused by Siyacela’s actions.

As the episode unfolded, Thando found herself in shock as the father of her newborn chose violence over communication in addressing their issues as a couple.

The show began with Thando recounting to the “Isencane Lengane” crew the incident in which Siyacela assaulted her. She revealed that he slapped her while she was preparing food and continued the violence even when the baby was crying. Thando expressed her fear, stating that if a man had called her, Siyacela might have killed her.

Siyacela forcefully grabbed Thando’s two-day-old phone and smashed it on the floor after her friend Asanda returned her call. Siyacela, suspecting that Asanda might expose Thando to other men, became erratic and physically attacked her.

Thando, in tears, declared to Siyacela that she was ending the relationship because she would not tolerate a man who beats her. Despite Thando’s pleas for Siyacela to leave her alone, he persisted, providing reasons for his violent outburst, including mistrust and a short temper.

Viewers expressed concern for Thando, urging her to leave Siyacela and focus on her child and studies. Thando, however, was seen speaking to Siyacela the next day, retrieving her child’s clinic card that he had hidden. Although the following day’s Siyacela appeared apologetic and tearful, some viewers remained skeptical, hoping that Thando would prioritize her well-being over the tumultuous relationship.

Reactions from viewers varied, with many expressing shock and concern for Thando’s well-being in the face of such abuse.

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