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AKA’s Father Tony Forbes Speaks Out – “We Hear His Voice Every Day”

AKA’s Father Tony Forbes Speaks Out – “We Hear His Voice Every Day”

It’s been just over seven months since rap superstar AKA and Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane were shot dead in Durban. Police have since located the gun used and identified several suspects.

But the mastermind and motive for the brutal killings are still unknown.

AKA’s father, Tony Forbes, spoke about the family’s journey thus far. “After seven months you’re starting to get to that stage where life is carrying on and things are becoming more quiet.”

For me personally, at this point I feel the gap, the hole of him not being with us even more,” Forbes said. He said anything can trigger an emotional state.

As a family we continue to struggle to come to terms with what’s happened. We hear his voice every day. It’s something to be grateful for to hear him.

It is like he is telling me that his death should be avenged, concluded AKA’s father.

Alleged iPhone Recording Incident on American Airlines Flight Sparks Investigation

The family of a 14-year-old girl is raising concerns after they believe she discovered an iPhone discreetly taped to the back of a toilet seat during a recent flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston. They suspect that a member of the flight crew might have placed it there with the intention of recording her.

Suspicious Incident on American Airlines Flight 1441

The incident occurred during American Airlines Flight 1441 on September 2. According to the family, a male crew member instructed the 14-year-old girl to use the first-class bathroom. Shortly after she entered, the crew member followed and informed her that the seat was broken but reassured her not to be concerned. After she left the bathroom, the crew member re-entered.

To her shock, the teenager later realized that an iPhone had been discreetly attached to the back of the toilet seat, seemingly with the intent of recording her. She took a photograph of the device using her own phone before leaving the restroom.

Profound Impact on the Family

The family expressed deep concern over the incident in a written statement, noting that it has left their daughter and the entire family profoundly disturbed. They have not yet filed a lawsuit, but they are actively seeking answers and resolution to this unsettling event.

Law Enforcement Involvement and Investigation

Upon landing, law enforcement officers met the plane at the gate. Massachusetts State Police subsequently escorted a flight attendant off the aircraft. Due to the incident occurring during the flight, which falls under federal jurisdiction, Massachusetts State Police deferred the case to the FBI as the primary investigative agency.

As of now, the FBI has not provided any comments regarding the ongoing investigation.

American Airlines’ Response

American Airlines released a statement in response to the incident, emphasizing their commitment to safety and security. The airline expressed that they take the matter seriously and are fully cooperating with law enforcement to investigate the situation further. The safety and security of passengers remain their top priorities.

The incident has raised significant concerns about passenger privacy and safety on commercial flights, prompting further investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the placement of the iPhone and whether any laws or regulations were violated.

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