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DJ Maphorisa and Daliwonga’s Alleged Affair Exposed

DJ Maphorisa and Daliwonga’s Alleged Affair Exposed

Accusations have surfaced, suggesting that versatile music producer DJ Maphorisa is involved in a romantic relationship with Amapiano vocalist Daliwonga.

These claims came to light when Bongani Joshua Tsime, an ex-convict, appeared on The Wall Podcast with SkeemGP. Tsime didn’t hold back, openly referring to the award-winning producer as being involved in an illicit relationship. In a widely circulated clip on X, formerly known as Twitter, Tsime asserted that DJ Maphorisa is not only romantically involved with Daliwonga but with other men as well.

Tsime stated, “DJ Maphorisa is rumored to be in undisclosed relationships with other men, including Daliwonga. He is having a romantic involvement with Daliwonga.”

Maphorisa Denies Allegations of an Affair with Daliwonga

In response to these allegations, DJ Maphorisa vehemently denied them and vowed to take action against Tsime. He made it clear that he would handle the situation his own way, saying, “I’m gonna show you how I deal with these kinds of issues. I will make him pay.”

Reactions on Social Media

Following these developments, South Africans took to social media to voice their support for DJ Maphorisa. Prominent figures like Julius Malema expressed their support for Maphorisa’s determination to address the situation. However, music executive Nhamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi cautioned Maphorisa against retaliating and advised him not to fall into a trap.


Legal Developments for DJ Maphorisa

In unrelated news, DJ Maphorisa found relief in August when assault charges against him were dropped after his fourth court appearance at the Randburg Magistrates’ Court. These charges were related to an alleged assault on his girlfriend, actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo, at her Sandton home in May. Maphorisa, whose real name is Themba Sekowe, had been in custody and attending court hearings since May 8.

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Quantum Computing’s Quantum Leap

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