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This article will give an update for Durban Generations 2023-24 auditions. There an opportunity for those who want acting career.

Durban Gen is a popular South African medical drama telenovela that has captivated audiences with its thrilling storylines and talented cast. Produced by Stained Glass TV Production and commissioned by, the show takes place in Durban and provides an insightful look into the lives of doctors and nurses at the renowned Durban General Hospital.

Created by Duma Ndlovu and written by Thuli Zuma, Busisiwe Matonsi, Jacqueline Rainers, Sipho Tshapu, Nkosazana Zuma-Ncube, Bridgette Madiba, and Pusetso Thibedi, Durban Gen has received critical acclaim for its gripping plotlines and compelling characters. The show is directed by Zuko Nodada, Meshack Mavuso, and Sabelo Ndlovu, who bring the story to life with their exceptional vision.

The main cast of Durban Gen includes talented actors such as Nelisiwe Sibiya, Tumelo Matlala, Mavuso Magabane, Fanele Ntuli, Bheki Mahlawe, Nombulelo Mhlongo, Tsidi Makitle, Yola Plaatjie, Thokozisa Ziqubu, Mthandeni Mbambo, Sibongokuhle Nkosi, Asande Dubazane, Joe Kazadi, and Asavela Mqokiyana. These actors deliver powerful performances that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The show is set in Durban, South Africa, and is primarily filmed on location in the city. The use of multi-cameras in the production gives the show a realistic and immersive feel. Each episode of Durban Gen has a runtime of approximately 22 to 24 minutes, allowing for fast-paced storytelling and keeping audiences engaged.

Durban Gen premiered on 5 October 2020 and has since gained a massive following. The show originally aired on but later moved to eVOD with repeats still being broadcast on the channel. With a total of three seasons and 650 episodes, Durban Gen has become a fan-favorite and continues to capture the hearts of viewers.

The show’s storyline revolves around Dr. Mbali Mthethwa, played by Nelisiwe Sibiya, a newly qualified doctor who embarks on her final year of community service at Durban General Hospital. Dr. Mthethwa faces numerous challenges and dilemmas as she navigates her personal and professional life. She finds herself torn between her fiancé, Sibusiso Dlamini, played by Ntando Mncube, and her superior, Dr. Lindelani Zulu, portrayed by Mike Ndlangamandla.

Upon her arrival at the hospital, Dr. Mthethwa becomes involved in a complex surgery that unfortunately results in the death of a prominent MEC. This tragedy puts the hospital’s reputation, as well as Dr. Zulu and Mbali’s careers, at risk. As a result, Mbali faces an intense investigation that could potentially end her career before it even begins.

The storyline takes an intriguing turn five years later as Mbali becomes a sangoma, a traditional healer, and a senior doctor. Durban General Hospital gets a new superintendent in the form of Thabo Dlamini, played by Mavuso Magabane. Dr. Dlamini is married to Dr. Zandile Mkhize, portrayed by Sthandwa Nzuza, but their relationship is on the verge of falling apart.

Another compelling character is Dr. Lethuxolo Bhengu, played by Thokozisa Ziqubu, who is not only a senior doctor but also a social media influencer. Dr. Nangamso Jack, portrayed by Yola Plaatjie, becomes engaged to Calvin Gumede but struggles to conceive due to a previous injury.

The introduction of new characters, such as Dr. Sikhumbuzo Khumalo, played by Tumelo Matlala, who becomes the new Head of Surgery at Durban Gen, adds further depth and complexity to the storyline. Dr. Khumalo is in a romantic relationship with Dr. Mkhize, creating a web of drama and tension.

Throughout the series, the characters face various challenges, both within their professional and personal lives. They navigate complex medical cases, confront their deepest fears, and deal with intense emotions. The show delves into the personal struggles and triumphs of each character, providing audiences with a heartfelt and realistic portrayal of life in a hospital setting.

Durban Gen also explores important social issues and shines a light on the healthcare system in South Africa. It highlights the dedication and sacrifices made by frontline workers and the challenges they face on a daily basis. The show aims to raise awareness and spark discussions about the state of healthcare in the country.

In conclusion, Durban Gen is an exceptional South African medical drama telenovela that has captured the hearts of audiences. With its compelling storylines, talented cast.

The drama is looking for new actors. For those who wish to join Durban Gen 2023-24 auditions, please visit their official website and apply.

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