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Powerful Mzansi sangoma, Gogo SKHOTHENI says bath with R5 in water then give it to kids & see here what will happen

Celebrity Sangoma Patricia Motsoeneng Sparks Controversy with Ritual Bathing Spell

Social Media Influencer Encourages Followers to Bathe with R5 Coin for Unspecified Results

In a surprising turn of events, flamboyant celebrity sangoma Patricia Motsoeneng, popularly known as ‘Gogo Skhotheni,’ took to social media to share a unique spell with her half-a-million followers. The self-proclaimed traditional healer instructed her fans to place an R5 coin inside their bathwater and then gift the coin to children on the streets after bathing.

Spell Casting Instructions

Motsoeneng, who has gained fame for her ostentatious lifestyle and controversial practices, posted the following instructions on her social media:

“Thatha i R5 put inside your water when you bath say whatever you want. Then give it to any kid to buy anything for themselves. NOT YOUR KID.”

The spell, which involves incorporating the coin into the bathing ritual and subsequently passing it on to a child, lacks clear details about the intended results or purpose. Motsoeneng did not elaborate on the specific outcomes or benefits associated with the spell.

Unanswered Questions

Following the online post, attempts were made to reach out to Gogo Skhotheni for clarification regarding the nature of the spell and the alleged escape from potential harm at her Mpumalanga residence. However, as of now, there has been no response from Motsoeneng.

Controversial Product Line

Apart from her social media presence, Gogo Skhotheni has been known for her controversial product line, which includes soaps claimed to bring luck in love relationships. The sangoma has been both celebrated and criticized for her flamboyant lifestyle and unconventional spiritual practices.

As the celebrity sangoma continues to captivate the public with her mystique, the recent spell has added another layer of intrigue to her persona. The lack of clarity surrounding the spell’s purpose and the unexplained escape from danger have left many questioning the motivations and authenticity of Gogo Skhotheni’s practices.

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