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Buhle Samuels is now married to Uzalo’s Sbonelo. See pics of their traditional wedding here

Buhle Samuels, the well-known actress famous for her role as Matshidiso Mofokeng on Muvhango, is making waves on social media due to viral pictures of her traditional wedding. Social media commentator Musa Khawula shared the news, causing a buzz.

Despite being one of the most followed actresses on Muvhango, she left the show in a surprising move. Rumors suggested her departure was linked to diva-like behavior, but she dispelled these speculations.

Buhle Samuels’ traditional wedding has surprised many, with people speculating about the lucky man in her life. Although there were suggestions that Uzalo actor Wiseman Mncube might be involved, the man in the viral pictures merely resembles the actor from Uzalo.

In recent times, Buhle has kept her private life under wraps, leaving people curious about her relationship status. A few months ago, she turned down an offer for a role in “Imbewu: The Seed” despite a substantial monthly salary. Little is known about her new husband, leaving Mzansi with questions.

Buhle clarified that she left her Zandile Majola role, refuting tabloid claims that she was dumped. She mentioned her decision was based on not wanting to play gold-digger roles due to her relationship. Congratulatory messages poured in, and her surprise wedding has sparked rumors about her past relationship with a prominent lawyer. However, the identity of her husband remains a mystery.

In an interview with True Love Magazine, Buhle Samuels revealed her ideal man as someone down-to-earth, ethical, respectful, and kind. There have been unconfirmed reports suggesting she may have married actor Wiseman Mncube, who plays Sbonelo Mhlongo on Uzalo.

These rumors, though, seem unfounded as Mncube recently married a Uzalo stylist. As of now, Buhle Samuels has not responded to the speculation surrounding her alleged traditional wedding.

The Pinnacle of Luxury: The World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Furniture Pieces

In the world of luxury and opulence, furniture isn’t just a functional necessity; it’s a statement of one’s wealth and style. For those with no budget constraints, the quest for the most extravagant and exquisitely crafted furniture never ends. Here, we present the ten most expensive furniture pieces in the world, where form and function meet unparalleled extravagance.

1. Badminton Cabinet – $36.7 Million

Topping the list is the Badminton Cabinet, a marvel of craftsmanship, adorned with intricate inlay work, and boasting a rich history. Created in the 18th century, this ebony and gilt-bronze cabinet has a price tag that is just as awe-inspiring as its design.

2. Dragons Chair – $27.8 Million

For those with a penchant for Asian art and design, the Dragons Chair takes second place. Crafted in the 18th century, this masterpiece features elaborate dragon motifs and is a symbol of Chinese imperial grandeur.

3. Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed – $1.6 Million

In the modern age, innovation meets extravagance with the Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed. Designed to defy gravity, this futuristic piece hovers effortlessly, creating a surreal sleeping experience.

4. Solid Gold Toilet – $6 Million

Functionality and extravagance come together with the Solid Gold Toilet, a restroom fixture that boasts a lavish exterior of 24-karat gold. This piece challenges the very concept of luxury.

5. Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten Office Chair – $1.5 Million

For those seeking opulence in their workspace, the Aresline Xten Office Chair delivers. Designed by Pininfarina, the Italian design house known for luxury sports cars, this ergonomic masterpiece blends comfort with style.

6. The Baldi-Hirsch Serpentinite Bathtub – $1 Million

The Baldi-Hirsch Serpentinite Bathtub is the epitome of indulgence for bath enthusiasts. Carved from a single block of rare Italian stone, this freestanding tub oozes sophistication and uniqueness.

7. The Tufft Table – $4.6 Million

Crafted from exquisite walnut and featuring intricate marquetry, the Tufft Table is a true testament to the art of woodworking. With its meticulous craftsmanship, this table adds a touch of old-world charm to any interior.

8. The Quantum Table – $3.5 Million

The Quantum Table, designed by Jason Phillips, combines modern aesthetics with the beauty of natural materials. Its captivating design and luxurious materials make it a symbol of contemporary opulence.

9. Parnian Desk – $200,000

Combining functionality and style, the Parnian Desk is a statement piece for the modern executive. Its sleek lines and use of exotic wood exemplify understated luxury.

10. The Plume Blanche Diamond Sofa – $184,000

The Plume Blanche Diamond Sofa is a work of art for any living room. Upholstered in luxurious white leather and adorned with real diamonds, it embodies elegance and extravagance.

These ten furniture pieces represent the zenith of luxury, combining history, innovation, and artistic craftsmanship. They serve as a reminder that, for those with the means, furniture can be much more than a practical item; it’s an investment in art and beauty.

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