Funeral service for seven family members murdered by relative to be held in Limpopo

In a tragic flashback, the funeral service for seven Ndou family members, including four kids and three adults, took place near Malamulele in Limpopo. This grim event unfolded on Christmas Day, when 52-year-old Enoch Ndou allegedly shot and killed his own relatives over a family house dispute.

Enoch Ndou faced the music in the local Magistrate’s Court just last week, charged with these shocking murders. Among the victims were Mpho and Ndivhuwo, the accused’s late brother’s sons, along with Ndivhuwo’s pregnant wife, Portia Mabasa, and their one-year-old child, Wanga. This heartbreaking incident also claimed the lives of three other Ndou children. It’s a chilling reminder of the past that shook this community.

A dispute over a house turned into a devastating Christmas tragedy, leaving seven family members gone and a community in mourning.

China Bans Central Government Officials from Using iPhones: Impact on Apple?

China’s Ban on Apple iPhones and Foreign Devices

China has taken a significant step to reduce its reliance on foreign technology and enhance cybersecurity by banning central government officials from using Apple’s iPhones and other foreign-branded devices for work purposes or bringing them into government offices.

Beijing’s Drive to Reduce Reliance on Imported Technology

This directive, recently communicated to employees through office chat rooms and meetings, reflects Beijing’s broader efforts to decrease reliance on imported technology and safeguard sensitive data within China’s borders.

Scope and Implementation of the iPhone Ban

While employees at select central government regulatory organizations have received these instructions, it remains unclear how extensively China will implement the iPhone ban across government agencies.

Impact on International Companies and Apple

If implemented broadly, this ban could have a significant impact on international companies operating in China, particularly Apple, which considers China one of its most crucial markets, accounting for around 19% of its total sales.

Apple’s Vulnerability to the Chinese Government’s Ban

Apple’s dependence on Greater China for production and sales makes it vulnerable to this reported ban. According to Apple’s Q3 2023 report, the Greater China region, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, contributed over 19% of the company’s sales during the preceding three months.

No Official Response from Apple or China State Council Information Office

As of the latest reporting, neither Apple nor the China State Council Information Office has commented on the matter.

Decline in Apple’s Performance in China

Reports suggest that Apple’s performance in China has declined, with a 2% year-over-year drop in device deliveries in July, according to UBS. Additionally, 23% of iPhone sales units over the past year came from China.

Concerns Over App Store Filtering

Apple’s relationship with China has been strained due to concerns over filtering in its App Store. Balancing free speech with Beijing’s demands to eliminate politically sensitive content has posed challenges for the tech giant.

China’s Impact on Tesla

China’s changing rules also affect Tesla, another major US tech firm. Recent reports indicate that China restricts military and state-owned enterprise employees from using Tesla cars.

US-China Tech Tensions

The US-China tech tensions continue to escalate, with both countries taking measures to protect their technological interests. These tensions extend beyond smartphones and cars, impacting various sectors of the tech industry.

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