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‘Viewing of the body’: Zahara’s body arrives in East London [watch]

Zahara’s somber return to her roots unfolded on a poignant Saturday as her lifeless body, bearing the name Bulelwa Mkutukana, reached the embrace of East London, her hometown in the Eastern Cape. A TikTok video captured the emotional moment on December 16, following her memorial service at the Rhema Bible Church in Randburg, Johannesburg.

Departing from Johannesburg, the city that witnessed her memorial, Zahara’s body arrived in a white casket at King Phalo Airport in East London, shortly after noon on that Saturday. A heart-wrenching clip circulating on social media depicted her grieving family, emotionally breaking down upon the arrival of the casket.

A TikTok user, sharing the clip, revealed that the family would undertake the solemn task of viewing Zahara’s body at the cargo arena before her final send-off scheduled for Saturday, December 23.

Zahara’s untimely death, announced earlier in the week, shocked many. The family disclosed that she passed away in a Johannesburg hospital on Monday, December 11, surrounded by loved ones, succumbing to a brief illness reportedly connected to liver problems.


The late Loliwe hitmaker’s sister, Bulelwa Mkutukana, shared at the memorial that Zahara had experienced pain before taking her last breath. In a statement, the family described the 36-year-old singer as “a beacon of hope, a gift, and a blessing to us and countless people around the world.”


“Eish, I can’t hold my tears. Kwabuhlungu kufa bakithi phephisani [It is so painful],” @ user20831014742493 wrote.

“Zahara is getting the best send-off like President Mandela but they have failed her while still alive 🤔,” @ tinyiko833 said.

“Every December there’s a popular person, passing away in our country. Sfiso Ngcwane, Themsie, Tutu.. etc. Now it’s Zahara. how strange this 😏,” @xolanitwala commented

As East London prepares to bid farewell to its talented daughter, Zahara’s final send-off on Saturday, December 23, is anticipated to be a poignant moment of remembrance and reflection for her family, friends, and countless admirers.


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