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RIP Isitha actor Khaya dies in hospital 😭

Popular actor Zamani Mbatha, well-known for portraying Khaya in’s telenovela ‘Isitha: The Enemy,’ has reportedly been let go from the show, according to entertainment commentator Phil Mphela.

This announcement follows a recent trend, as another beloved actor, Zolisa Xaluva, was also reportedly fired from ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ at the end of November.

Zamani Mbatha’s departure from ‘Isitha: The Enemy’ was confirmed by Mphela, who shared the news and highlighted Mbatha’s role as the lead character, Khaya, in the etv telenovela. However, details surrounding the reason for his exit remain unclear, leaving fans curious about the circumstances that led to the decision.

It’s worth noting that this development raises questions about whether the role of Khaya will be recast or if the storyline will take a different direction. This uncertainty adds an element of intrigue for fans of the popular show, as they await further updates regarding the fate of the character.

Interestingly, the reported firing of Zamani Mbatha comes on the heels of Zolisa Xaluva’s departure from ‘Smoke and Mirrors,’ creating a buzz within the South African entertainment industry. The consecutive exits of these well-liked actors prompt speculation about the dynamics and decisions within the realm of telenovela productions.

Efforts to gather comments from Zamani Mbatha regarding his exit proved unsuccessful at the time of publishing this article. The lack of an official statement or response from the actor adds an air of mystery to the situation, leaving fans and the public eager to learn more about the circumstances surrounding this unexpected development in Mbatha’s career.


@ThaboSimango_: “What’s wrong with these actors being fired from these productions kante.”

@NonjabuloMkhize: “I hope it was end of his role. One of the best actors SA has ngathi angastara in a big movie phesheya.”

@Tumie_Boroboko: “This week alone,2 lead characters have been fired from 2 Etv hit shows with over 3 million viewers, make it make sense.”

@MxolisiDumisa: “That show is boring vele since they change from black door to that Isitha: The Enemy.”

@ReubenManiac: “He’s fired coz he can’t act. Dude is just a model, he can’t act.”


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